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Our Transparent Pricing Promise

Our phone consultations are always free. 

Call me, organizing is my second language.

  • $60 per team member per hour for all services

  • Usually 2 Packers/Organizers are sufficient for the job, but larger packing tasks may require 3, 4, or more

  • Additional travel expenses based on the city of service, charged at a fixed daily rate per team member

  $5 - Prosper

  $12 - Frisco, McKinney,

           Little Elm, Celina

  $20 - The Colony, Melissa

  $25 - Denton, North Plano


Packing-  we offer delivery of U-Haul boxes and packing paper at cost with no delivery fee's and no charge for tape or labels.

Unpacking-  we will haul the used boxes away or post them online for free

Organizing-  we provide containers and bins at cost or send a link to supplies we recommend

Pre Move / Seasonal Purging - we work with you to declutter and sort items you not longer need, followed by hauling away a vehicle full of trash or donations.

Tidy and Organizing maintenance - one of our organizers will tidy your home and organize a new space on a regular schedule.  2 hour services start at $130 / visit

Christmas Tree Decorating - A team of 2 will decorate your tree, mantel and entry with your decorations.  Average 12' tree is $350, average 9' tree is $250.


Payment due upon the completion of the project.  We accept Venmo, Zelle and cash. 

Credit cards payments will incur an addition 3% fee.

Late payments will incur a $15/month fee.

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