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Interior Christmas Decorating


Do you love a house full of Christmas cheer but don’t have time to put it all together? Are you nervous about climbing ladders?

We love putting up Christmas trees, and discovering all the whimsical treasures and beautiful collections people tuck away for this magical time of year.


We would love the opportunity to decorate the inside of your home this Christmas. We are also available to put it all away again in January. 

We can take your tree / décor out of storage then set up, light and fluff your tree.  Then comes the fun part!  We can decorate in any style you love.  We also decorate mantels stairways and entryways.  


We bill by the hour and decorate as a two-person team. Our rate is 55 / hour / decorator plus travel from Prosper. The amount of time needed is affected by whether the tree is already up, needs lights, needs fluffing and how wide it is.  


The average 12’ tree takes two of us around 3 hours.


 3 hours would come to $330 plus a small travel fee.


A 9’ tree would be around to $250.  

Online scheduling available. 



Our prices are the same for packing, organizing and Christmas decorating.  See our prices here - 

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